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Candy Prize B.I.G. – Bet in Game. Use your skill and experience to match all the goal pieces with the limited number of moves.


How to play Fortune Stones

Your goal is to match all the goal pieces with a limited number of moves to complete the goal. The goal pieces can be found on the board or fall in from the top. Use your skills with your finger och mouse cursor to touch and swap gems and make matches.

The difference between Candy Prize and Candy Prize B.I.G.? For every move you make in Candy Price B.I.G you have to place a stake.

Experience the world of Candy Prize B.I.G. with candy pieces, peppermints, eggs, chocolate and grass as your tools to make your moves towards matches. Match 3 or more gems in a line, or match a square shape from 4 gems. 

Match four or more gems to make a burst! Launch the burst by a tap or swap. The more gems you line up the more powerful burst you will create.

  • Match 4 pieces in a line to activate a rocket. Detonate a row or column.
  • Match 4 pieces in a square to make and explosive by 3×3.
  • Match 5 pieces in the form of a T or L to create a bomb that will detonate in a big circle.
  • Match 5 pieces in a line to use a Super. Swap the Super over a nearby piece to detonate all pieces of that specific color.
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How to win cash?

Bring home the bacon by using your skill to gamble! Each move has an individual wager with independent odds for a random win. Adjust the bet at any time to change the amount wagered in the next move. Slot winnings are multiplied by the amount wagered.

In order to collect all of your potential winnings, you must match all the goal pieces before running out of moves.



How to win scores?

Take the chance to get a place on the leaderboard by earning points in each game round. 1 in 4 rounds is a double-scoring round, which means that all points are worth 2x

Points are awarded for:

  • Matching – 10 points per gem
  • Goals – Each goal piece turns into a different amount
  • Victory – 2000 points when completing the level
  • Moves remaining – 500 points per remaining move when the round ends. 


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