New launch! Candy Prize & Candy Prize B.I.G. arcade games

Candy prize and candy prize BIG new launch

Introducing Candy Prize & Candy Prize BIG, where your goal is to match all the goal pieces with a limited number of moves in order to achieve big wins! Do you have the skill to gamble?

Online gaming with Candy Prize 

Join the world of Candy Prize, a fun game with candy pieces, peppermints and chocolate used as tools to strategically create matches. Achieve big wins and climb the leaderboard by completing the goal within the allotted moves and you will be granted the maximum payout.

This real money arcade game is a match-3 game with a 10k top multiplier and a 1 in 1 hit frequency. Use your skill and experience up to 100 wins and 5 big wins wins with a return to player of 94%.

Not only that, the game features a Skill Balance Pot which means that you can win what others have missed. The pot collects all lost winnings and allocates it as mystery prizes. This is a shared pot for all the players at the same bet level and currency. 


Green jade games Candy prize arcade skill game

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But wait, there’s more..

Win BIG with Candy Prize B.I.G.

Presenting Candy Prize B.I.G. – the bold and crazy big brother to Candy Prize. So what’s the difference between the two games? Well, Candy Prize B.I.G. gives players the opportunity to turn EVERY move into a bet

A brain challenge with the pulse of a slot. Find the perfect match, clear the level and take home the big win while simultaneously climbing the leaderboard. Read more about Candy Prize B.I.G. here!

Candy prize big arcade skill game green jade games

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