New Release! CASINO BLOCKS – Arcade Game

Casino blocks blogpost new release

Casino Blocks is a perfect combo between a strategic puzzle game and a casino game – where every move is a bet! Get into that Las Vegas feeling with the slot spin in the middle of the puzzle’s strategy. 

If you loved Jade Puzzle – let us introduce its bigger and bolder brother – Casino Blocks! Casino Blocks is an 8×8 grid board where the player is given a random series of shapes “on deck”, three at a time, to fit into the grid.

Skill Balance Pot

As you play along through the game you can earn your way to second chances and build up a big win with a Skill balance pot.

The Skill balance pot is there to help balance the loot box prize distribution across all skill levels. This means that any value that is missed from loot box opportunities within a game session will be added to the skill balance pot, so you won’t miss out! 

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