Spoils of War & Candy Wall – 2 fast-paced and skill based arcade games!

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Get ready for Spoils of War and Candy Wall! Two explosive, action-packed and skill based arcade games by Green Jade. Do you have the skill to gamble?

Spoils of War – The explosive military skilled-based arcade game

Introducing Spoils of War, the arcade game offering players the perfect combination between chance and skill right from the onset. As Tank Commanders, players are on a mission to destroy the buildings of their enemies. But it’s not as easy as that, enemies will fire their bazookas, doing everything in their power to damage and destroy the tank. 


In Spoils of War, some game rounds will offer the possibility of a bonus round. However, only the players who succeed in completing the base round will be able to reach the bonus round and collect.

Every player has the chance to win all or some money from the compensation pot. The compensation pot accumulates all missed winnings, this is a shared pot for a common bet-level and currency.
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Candy Wall – The candy themed skilled-based arcade game

Take control of the candy cannon and get ready to blow up some candy hearts! In this candy themed arcade game players have to use their skills to make the most of every round. Practice destroying the candy and improve your performance with every strike. 

Just like Spoils of War, Candy Wall has bonus rounds for the players who make it past the base round. Any amount remaining in a losing game round is added to the compensation pot which can be won in future rounds.

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